Part 2- Top social bookmarking Websites on Internet

In our previous blog, we explained what is social bookmarking and how it works. Here we are sharing a list of social bookmarking websites:

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1. Medium
Medium is a platform where anyone can submit their content like articles, blogs and readers explore that content easily.
As a social publishing platform it open for all and home to share their ideas, stories, and perspectives.

2. SlideShare

Scribe owned Slide Share that is an American hosting service. Slide Share is a social networking platform where professional content like presentations, documents, infographics, and videos can share.
Users can upload files on Slide and share privately or publicly in any format. Slide Share is for sharing knowledge easily.

3. Quora
Quora is an online global platform for asking questions and answers. According to Quora rank well for search queries. Quora’s answers of various questions are one reason why Google ranks Quora so highly for its questions answers.
Google show webpages to get the answer of user’s questions and everyone knows Quora is a website that answers questions. Which help to rank others through their answers.

4. Flipboard
Flipboard is super easy to use links to other social media networks. One of the famous social bookmarking platforms it also worked well and best platform to get high-quality backlinks.
Users can connect and discuss news, and read something they found interesting, like articles on politics, sports, food entertainment and more.

5. Feedly
Feedly is RSS blog reader with more than 20 million users. These users acts as a news aggregator.

6. Pinboard
Pinboard is also one of the famous social bookmarking websites. Pinboard is a fast and independent social bookmarking site for those who value their privacy and speed. Pinboard mainly focuses on the management of bookmarks using tags

7. Instapaper
Instapaper is the simplest bookmarking site where users can save and store articles and read them offline later.

8. LinkedIn
LinkedIn largest professional social networking platform on the internet. Nowadays, LinkedIn is a platform to find a job or internship through connection. Where people can quickly strengthen professional relationships, and learn more skills.

9. Tumblr
Tumblr, is a popular networking site for “microblogging”. It also allows its users to post photos, videos, links and other content in short blog form.

10. Imgur
Imgur is the community for image sharing and image hosting. Most of the viral and popular memes and images are hosted by Imgur.

11. Myspace
from 2004 to 2008, Myspace was the most popular and trending social networking platform. During this interval of time, more than 50 million users were active per month. As time passed in 2016, the monthly active visitors were nearly 10 million.

12. Open Diary
Open Diary is similar to LiveJournal. It was an online diary community.

13. Skype
Skype is a popular software for video chat. The users of the skype community can share audio, video, files, or text and more. It’s a bit similar to WhatsApp.
A group chat feature is also available. According to stats in March of 2020, 100 million people use Skype and 40 million people use it daily.

14. Telegram
The online Chatting app Telegram is available for desktop and mobile users.
But the mobile version features encryption. People use it to share links, photos, videos and documents It’s nowadays a platform where people get traffic for their online websites.

15. Tribe
Tribe is a social messaging application where you can send messages or record with friends. User can record their messages by holding their finger on their profile photo and sending it by releasing them.
Groups can easily create to share videos, images and other things with friends. It has one special feature in which massage automatically disappears after check.

16. Viber
Viber is software that allows for VoIP and instant messaging-based communications.
Users are verified by their cell phones. The app can also be used on desktops.
Viber gives users the opportunity to trade images, videos, and access to a paid international dedicated video and phone service called Viber Out. As of 2018, Viber recorded having over a billion users.

17. Vimeo
Vimeo is an online video-sharing platform. Here people host their videos on different content. Vimeo is ad-free tool for video creation, editing, etc. and helps to make strong professionals connect with one another.

18. We Heart It
We Heart It is an image-sharing-based online social network platform.
Users can post, collect or mark as “hearts” their favourite images, with friends and others. Users organize images into collections. It’s reported that in 2015, “We Heart It” had over 35 million active members.

19. LiveJournal
LiveJournal, a social networking platform where people keep their notes as diaries and recorded as a number of users is 2.5 million.

20. DeviantArt
DeviantArt as an online community for sharing videos, pictures, artwork, and photography. DeviantArt recorded to had over 26 million members with 251 million submissions.
People can browse Art from categories such, as applications, skins and operating system customization utilities more.

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