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list of Social Bookmarking websites

Social bookmarking websites are those sites(platforms) on which users can share their articles, web pages, blog posts, videos, and images. It is a way for people using which they can easily search, and collect, information and web pages of their interest using these virtual “bookmarks.”
Social media is used as a social bookmarking platform and create quality backlinks for high domain authority and ranking.

Here is a list of top social bookmarking websites

  1. Facebook
    Facebook most popular social media platform for backlinks. Facebook is also used by websites owner to boost site traffic and quality backlinks.
    A Facebook backlink can be used for business pages, ads and comments, which helps to improve site ranking. Facebook can also help to boost the SEO of a website, which increases the domain authority and help in ranking higher on SERPs for specific keywords.
  2. Twitter
    Twitter is huge. Twitter is one of the most popular platforms and has a large audience. Twitter is an efficient platform for posting content is that is your mind. People use Twitter to post content, images and links, that they find interesting.
  3.  Pinterest
    Pinterest is social bookmarking site has monthly user base of 195 million, roughly. Also, more than 85 billion pins have appeared on Pinterest.
  4.  Mix
    In June 2018, the most popular social bookmarking platform. StumbleUpon became nowadays Mix. It is used to tag content that is liked by you and others and also to share. Mix make your experience the internet editors, or publishers
  5. Slack
    Slack is a group messaging media or you can say a program that provides users channels with customizable options in which they can chat. Using Slack anyone can create private groups and direct message chat.
  6. Delicious
    Delicious is one of the best Social bookmarking websites where anyone can build up maximum traction on content.
  7. Pocket
    Pocket is nowadays a way to find something which we feel is important. Its works as bookmarking platform where users of Pocket can find anything on the internet or various applications.
  8. Digg
    Also can be considered as addictive bookmarking sites and helps to get great content. Digg a perfect platform for sharing your captivating content with a highly engaged audience.
  9. Folkd
    The Folkd a bookmarking site contains a social search feature. Its features works like a typical search engine and it except the results which not come from a complex machine-driven system of analytics.
    Instead, of showing top-quality results, it displays content that users bookmarked on Folkd. It ranks higher in social search, which helps to its visitors with more quality content.
  10. Reddit
    On Reddit, Users can easily generate a list of bookmarks by upvoting and commenting, this bookmark list is content which shared by others on this platform.
    Reddit is a platform which works for those who are looking for quick promotion of their content.
  11. Fark
    Fark‘s as a famous social networking news site, receives the large number of submissions on a daily basis and presents the best audience. If your content is strong that submitted will drive traffic to your own site.
  12. BizSugar
    If your content is based on marketing, startups, and the world of small business, then BizSugar is a social bookmarking platform that helps to your authority in a growing community as a small business professional.
  13. Slashdot
    As bookmarking site Slashdot is the ultimate tool for technology.
    You can submit Slashdot share content on computer hardware, gaming, security management, cloud computing, and more.
  14. We Heart It
    Users can submit and bookmark various types of content on “We Heart It” which is heavily visual. “ We heart it” is easy to use and inspirational for those who love great imagery.
  15. Scoop.It is aimed toward professionals, content creation and content intelligence. This is also one of the famous social bookmarking sites and offers two different platforms. 1) A free version for individuals and 2) A paid version for businesses.
  16. Trendiee
    Trendiee for those who loved Newsvine. Trendiee offers a similar platform and is easy to use. Its goal is to connect with people and trending news. Both things they accomplish beautifully.
  17. Diigo
    Diigo the most commonly used ultimate social bookmarking site for academics which helps to improve the website domain authority.
    Students, Educators and researchers loves Diggo to use with its features that keep tracking of their sharing and resources easy.
    Diigo is a perfect social bookmarking platform for content that’s focused on research, statistics and analytics.
  18. BibSonomy
    BibSonomy is a premier social bookmarking site for academics and businesses. Academic and business information to be collected, collaborated, and share with the most relevant research-based data.
  19. Instagram
    Instagram is nowadays the most trending social media platform for sharing photos, videos, and live videos. But in the initial days, of 2010s, Instagram was the fourth to the most downloaded mobile app.
    And now more than one billion people use Instagram, and approx. 500 million use Instagram to share Stories, posts and videos daily.
    Instagram’s users spend most of the time on social activity and same like Facebook Instagram is also used for business promotions and site traffic now
  20. Pearltrees
    Pearltrees to itself a famous bookmarking site as place for interests. Considered as a visual and tool and allows its all users to explore and share any site URL. Users can easily find online their bookmarked data and can upload personal files, photos, and notes.
  21. DZone
    DZone work as social bookmarking site specializing for software developers. Thousands of developers come to DZone site to read, learn and share. You can find trends and the latest technologies in the world of software development.

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