Know Steps to Add Business Page With Facebook Business Manager

Know Steps to Add Business Page With Facebook Business Manager

In our previous articles, we know something interesting about Facebook’s business page and how to create it step by step. Now it’s time to know more that will help you to grow your business page. After creating a Facebook business page it’s time to add it to the business manager, this an important step don’t forget to do this step. It will help you to engage more people.

Steps to Add Adding your Facebook Business Pages to Business Manager

Let’s do the following steps of adding your Business’ Facebook Page to the business manager. These steps are easy to follow.

Step 1: Open Facebook Business Manager

If you do not have a Facebook Business Manager Account and do follow our steps on how to this up

Step 2: Now its time to Select ‘Business Setting’

Step 3: On the left sidebar find the ‘Accounts’ option and click it. Now again click on ‘Pages’.

Step 4: Now the list of Facebook pages is visible to you. Here you can check all your Facebook business pages. You have already been added to your Business Manager account.
Now click on ‘Add’ that you can see.

Step 5: A list of Facebook pages you have already added to your Business Manager account will appear. To add new you can again see the ‘Add’ button, by clicking on it your task is going to be easy for you.

Step 6: A popup will appear, Add your Facebook page here. To add your Facebook page you can paste your Facebook page URL or you can fill in your Facebook page name with the help of typing. You can do what is best recommended by Facebook to do. Choose the right one and click on the ‘Add a page’ button

Step 7: A pop-up will appear to notify you that you have successfully added the page to Facebook Business Manager.

How to set up Facebook Business Manager

Now it’s time to set up your Facebook Business Manager.  Facebook Business Manager acts as a central platform to manage both Facebook Marketing and advertising campaigns. Follow these quick easy steps to successfully set up your Facebook Business Manager.

Steps to follow below

Step 1: Head to the Facebook Business Manager
Use your personal Facebook profile to create a Business Manager. You can also set up the Facebook business Manger by using your Facebook profile. You need to be assured that your personal information won’t be able to be accessed.

Step 2: Create your account
You can find the “Create account” Button in the top right-hand corner. Here you will be prompted Click the ‘create account’ button. where you will be prompted to fill in the detail.

Step 3: Enter the name of your business and account name.
By the details of your name and your business email address, you are able to use and manage your Business Manager.
Now Click next

Step 4: Enter all required business details – Website, address, contact number, and other details.

You need to plan how to use your business manager either you can use it to promote your own business through advertisements and get business or you can work as an agency that provides services to others. So select plan the things according to your requirement and Then just click on submit button.

Step 5: Final step Confirmation.

After completing all steps you will get an email at your given email address. The email you will receive with the subject link “Confirm your business email”. You just need to open this email and click on confirm.

Now you are all set to use your mange and use your Facebook business manager. The key to your business success is in your hand you have to utilize it in a better way.

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